Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced the CC2567 device, the first wireless, single-chip solution that enables direct short-range communication between ultra low-power, ANT+-enabled devices and commonly used mobile devices relying on Bluetooth® technology such as PCs, Smartphones and tablets. The industry’s first dual-mode device, the CC2567 requires 80 percent less board area than a design with two single-mode solutions (one ANT+, one Bluetooth), enables simultaneous operation over a shared antenna with built-in coexistence, and increases the wireless transmission range up to two times the distance of a single-mode ANT+ solution.

The CC2567 device will be available as part of the new ANT+ Bluetooth® Health & Fitness Aggregator Kit. As the only supplier of ANT™ solutions for both sensor applications and mobile handheld peripherals, TI also announced today availability of a second evaluation kit, the CC257x ANT Network Processor Kit ? building out the company’s ANT solution portfolio. Visit the following links to order either development kit:

* ANT+ Bluetooth® Health & Fitness Aggregator Kit:

* CC257x ANT Network Processor Kit:

To date, the established ANT+ interoperable ecosystem offers an install base of more than 11 million devices that, for example, monitor heart rate, weight, speed, or distance data. Consumers then want to interact with that vital data on an endpoint device to develop and monitor health and fitness regimens. With nearly three billion Bluetooth-enabled endpoint devices ? like PCs, tablets or Smartphones ? on the market, direct communication with Bluetooth becomes the optimal wireless communication channel.

By incorporating TI?s CC2567 solution into their devices, customers delivering monitoring products with ANT+ or endpoint products with Bluetooth can finally leverage the connectivity technologies? market adoption to create a truly wireless, cable-free end user experience. As a result, consumers will be able to engage with their vital data in real time without incurring a huge cost.

TI’s CC257x ANT is a dual-chip sensor solution, combining the 2.4 GHz CC257x network processor and an MSP430 microcontroller. The CC257x network processors are 2.4 GHz devices tailored for ANT sensor applications. The CC257x evaluation kit (ANTC7EK1) contains everything needed to quickly explore and develop with the CC257x, including the integrated ANT-FS feature. The evaluation kit consists of:

* (4) CC257x modules (production type modules based on CC2571 with integrated F antenna)

* (2) Battery boards that allow modules to be powered by a coin cell battery; also has a breakout header for interfacing to an external microprocessor

* (2) EEPROM boards that enable users to test and evaluate the CC257x?s embedded ANT-FS features

* (2) USB User Interface (UIF) sticks that enable CC257x module connection to a PC

* (2) coin cell battery.