Richardson Electronics recently announced that Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the first 50V, 600W LDMOS power transistor that continues to deliver its full rated gain and output power even after withstanding a load mismatch of 65:1 VSWR. This unrivaled ruggedness capability supports harsh RF circuit environments in highly mismatched applications such as CO2 laser exciters, plasma generators, and MRI power amplifiers.

The MRFE6VP5600 is also well-suited to be used in defense/aerospace amplifiers (pulsed operation or CW), HF/VHF radio amplifiers, RF plastic welding amplifiers, particle accelerator amplifiers, and various other industrial, medical and broadcast amplifiers. This high-gain LDMOS transistor operates over the frequency range from 1.8 to 600 MHz.

Important features of the MRFE6VP5600H/HS include:

* Typical Gain of 24.6dB allows for fewer amplifier stages.

* Provides over 75% Drain Efficiency (?D).

* Characterized with Series Equivalent Large-Signal Impedance Parameters.

* Device can be used Single-Ended or in a Push-Pull configuration.

* Available in both bolt-down and solder-down ceramic packaging.

* Low Thermal Resistance.

A quick demonstration video is available (Lab Demo - High Rugged Test) regarding the enhanced ruggedness at 65:1 load VSWR for this family of LDMOS high-powered transistors from Freescale Semiconductor.

Reference designs for the MRFE6VP5600, datasheets, and the product itself are available from Richardson Electronics. Please call 1-800-737-6937 (North America); or find your local sales engineer worldwide at

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