TDI has developed LiquaCore™ (patent pending) power management technology which allows the electronics package to remain sealed, while enabling efficient management of waste heat at very high power densities. The cooling liquid employed is either water or a mixture of water and ethylene glycol (anti­freeze). By using standard power modules TDI Power can easily configure a complete high power solution for your application.

As part of our power management technology, TDI Power has developed a 2.7 kW, 12V liquid cooled DC­DC converter that boasts 93% efficiency. This replaces conventional alternators for more power at lower RPMs. It’s modular and scalable for higher power needs - up to 100kW. This unit is ideally suited for harsh vehicle applications. It also lends itself to high volume manufacturing, using common mechanical extrusions and mainstream components, resulting in lower costs.

Benefits of a complete electrical vehicle power system include:

* Reduced Fuel Consumption: Increased horsepower by electrifying traditionally belt­driven systems

* Frequent Stops and Starts don’t pose problems

* Extended engine life and and enhanced vehicle reliability Meets City Pollution and NOISE Abatement Laws

* Operates in extreme environmental conditions.


INPUT Voltage: 330 to 400VDC Operational, 370VDC Nominal, Over­voltage tested to 440VDC Peak Inrush

Efficiency: 93% with 370VDC source, 50 to 100% load

OUTPUT Voltage: 13.5VDC

Power: 2,700W at Minimum specified coolant flow rate

Dimensions: H4.9 x W11.2 x D33.8 cm (H1.94 x W4.41 x D13.3”)

Weight: 2.8kg (6.2 lb)


Coolant Medium/Mixture: 60/40 Propylene or Ethylene Glycol/ Water

Coolant Flow: 0.0208 to 0.0505 l/s (0.33 to 0.8 GPM)