ROCKVILLE, Md. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Standard Energy Solutions today announced it will audit and retrofit approximately 33 homes in the city of District Heights and install solar panels on one of these homes. The work will be funded by the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) and residents receiving audits will be chosen based largely on financial need.

The audits and installation are part of the District Heights Energy Efficiency Program (DHEEP), a community-wide effort that aims to increase energy efficiency and provide energy-use education to qualified residents of the city of District Heights. The program provides financial assistance to homeowners through various incentive programs.

“It is programs like these that help residents and communities realize that energy efficiency can be an option for everyone,” said Scott Carr, Vice President of Residential Business, Standard Energy Solutions. “District Heights is helping to spread that message, one neighbor at a time – and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

DHEEP provides financial assistance to energy efficient retrofits that aim to improve energy performance, comfort, durability, healthiness and safety of existing qualified homes in the incorporated city of District Heights. The program is designed, implemented and managed by in-house city personnel.

“We are happy that we have joined forces with Standard Energy Solutions to bring quality energy-efficient home retrofit services to our homeowners. The city is using city programs such as DHEEP, and our new Community Garden Program, to educate our residents about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Standard Energy Solutions is helping our city ‘Make the SWITCH’ toward a more energy efficient and environmental sustainable future,” said Samantha Archibald, Urban Planner, City of District Heights.

The District Heights home that will be receiving solar panels through DHEEP will serve as a green home model to the rest of the community. The solar installation will be completed by Standard Solar, Inc. in association with Standard Energy Solutions.

The District Heights audits and retrofits, as well as the solar install, will be funded with $200,000 from the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, which was launched last year. In 2009, the program provided energy upgrades for seven families and created jobs for 10 local contractors.