Innovative Power Products introduces their Model IPP-8029, 20 dB, 150 Watt, Bi-Directional surface mount Coupler that operates from 800 to 2500 MHz.

The IPP-8029 can be used to monitor either forward or reflected signal sampling. This coupler is produced in a Surface Mount (SMD) package size of 1.00 x 0.50 inches. Insertion Loss is less than 0.25 dB, main line VSWR is less than 1.25:1, coupled flatness is +/- 0.75 dB and directivity is greater than 20 dB.

IPP also offers 90 Degree Couplers, Combiners and Connectorized Directional Couplers in the 800 to 2500 MHz band in power levels up to 800 watts C/W. Click on a part number below to view the outline drawing for that product:

* IPP-7010 90 Degree 200 Watt SMD Coupler

* IPP-2084 90 Degree 400 Watt Drop-In Coupler

* IPP-1035 4 Way, 200 Watt, Combiner

* IPP-1036 4 Way, 600 Watt, Combiner

* IPP-1054 2 Way, 800 Watt, Combiner

* IPP-3037 40 dB, 300 Watt DDC in a Drop-In

Package Delivery for the IPP-8029 is stock to 4 weeks.