MUNICH (Electronica 2010) Vectron International today announced the industry’s lowest phase noise LVPECL crystal oscillator (XO). The new VC-708 is the market’s only LVPECL crystal oscillator currently available in a 5 mm x 7 mm footprint achieving 50fsec of RMS jitter over an integrated bandwidth.

Today’s designs are becoming increasingly complex, often involving multiple layer boards with increased sources of noise and trace lengths. As data rates and sources of noise on the board increase, the room in the jitter budget for clock noise is reduced. Simply meeting the target devices specification at the clock output does not leave enough margin for real world implementations and extra margin must be built in to compensate for board level noise.

Vectron’s VC-708 achieves the lowest integrated jitter over all desired offset bandwidths and has a phase noise floor of -163 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz offset. The product is designed for use with High Speed Converters, ASICs, FPGA and PHYs in communications, medical and industrial markets where low noise reference clocks are paramount to achieving differentiated performance.

Key features include:

* Phase Noise floor of -163 dBc/Hz @ 10 MHz offset

* Typical Jitter performance of 50fsec RMS jitter over the offset BW of 12 kHz to 20 MHz

* Available output frequencies of 125 MHz, 156.25 MHz, 160.00 MHz, 161.1328 MHz, 200 MHz & 250 MHz

* Supporting stabilities down to 25ppm from -40° to 85°C, inclusive of 15 years aging

* 3.3V Supply Voltage

* LVPECL & LVDS Output Configurations

* Package 5.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 1.8 mm

* Compliant to EC RoHS6 Directive.