Tyco Electronics today launched the Mezalok connector – a high-reliability mezzanine connector that more than doubles the speed and durability of competing technology, making it the most viable option for today’s military and commercial aerospace applications.

The need for embedded electronic systems in rugged platforms has been continually increasing and driving more stringent requirements for board-to-board connectivity. TE engineers responded to these needs by developing a super-fast, super-durable and super-redundant mezzanine connector ideal for extreme environments.

At 5 GHz+, this rugged, surface mount mezzanine connector incorporates a super-redundant “mini-box” four-point contact system for separable interface and ultra reliability. LCP plastic housings offer superior thermal stability and are low-outgassing. In addition, compliant BGA board attach supports standard surface mount processing and excellent thermal stability.

The new TE Mezalok connector offers the following “elemental advantages”:

• 5 GHz+ for second generation protocols

• 500 mating cycles durability compared to current 100 cycle standards

• Protected socket end for reliable blind mateability

• Sealed mated connection to prevent failure from debris

• Optimal thermal stability

• “Mini-box” four-point super redundant contact system

• Stacking or mezzanine applications

• VITA 61 standard

• 10,12 and 18mm stack heights

• 60 and 114 positions.