TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, is expanding its power factor correction portfolio with the introduction of a new EPCOS brand Multi Measuring Interface. The EPCOS MMI7000 is a universal measuring device to measure and control the most important grid parameters in a PFC system. Harmful conditions in the grid (such as high harmonic content) that negatively impact the system can be immediately detected.

The MMI7000 is designed for three-phase measuring, display and recording of values. In addition, it can be used in combination with a PF-controller series for external measurements. With dimensions of 144 x 144 mm, the MMI7000 was designed in the same way as EPCOS PF controllers and is suited for switchboard mounting.

Like all controllers and measuring devices, the MMI7000 features an easy-to-use graphical menu and an integrated help function. Menu languages are English, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The LCD full graphic display shows bar graphs, diagrams and different font sizes.

Areas of use include grid measuring, power measurement, harmonic measurement and energy meter. In addition, the MMI7000 can be used as an additional external measuring system accessory for the EPCOS BR6000 controller (e.g. for 3-phase measuring), and as a transmitter for external systems.

The MMI7000 can measure and display the following values:

* Voltage 3-phase

* Current 3-phase

* Frequency 3-phase

* Active power 3-phase

* Reactive power 3-phase

* Apparent power 3-phase

* Power factor 3-phase

* Harmonic of voltage up to 51st

* Harmonic of current up to 51st

* THD-V 3-phase

* THD-I 3-phase

Three versions of the MMI7000 are available. All display and record minimum and maximum values, date and time, harmonics as a bar chart, and include an oscilloscope mode for graphic display of complete oscillation as well as a free programmable display of measured values and rotating display of selected display values.

The MMI7000-S further includes two independent interfaces RS485. And the MMI7000-E further offers an additional interface memory card and in-and outputs. In addition, the MMI7000-E provides a potential-free signal input, four programmable relay outputs, one programmable transistor output, one interface RS485, a pluggable SD-card for recording all grid parameters, recording time per data file at measuring interval, and PC software for visualization, administration and evaluation of recorded data.