MathWorks today announced major new capabilities for the design of advanced signal processing and communications systems with MATLAB™ and Simulink™. The new SimRF product lets system architects use Simulink to design and verify complete wireless communications systems with true-to-form RF subsystem models and advanced circuit-envelope and harmonic-balance methods. It offers new circuit-envelope and harmonic balance simulation technology built on the Simscape platform for modeling RF system architectures.

It provides a library of true-to-form multiport components and a simulation engine for designing RF systems, enabling architects to perform realistic, multi-frequency simulations early in development and to make effective tradeoffs in designs that include digital and analog/RF components.

Features and Benefits include:

•Multiple carrier-frequency models

•General N-port models and S-parameter data files

•Passive components, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and general impedance blocks

•Weakly nonlinear 3-port mixers and 2-port amplifiers specified by noise figure, IP2, IP3, and data files

•Intra-model signal probing

•Circuit-envelope technology for high-fidelity simulation

•Equivalent baseband technology for fast simulation.