LPRS, Europe’s leading supplier of short-range radio devices, has provided Microgate, the sport event timing specialists, with CDP-TX05M-R and CDP-RX05M-R wireless modules to provide wireless communications for their ski gate, athletics, automotive and other sporting event timing systems.

The highly innovative Microgate LinkGate radio transmission system is a state-of–the-art device for wireless transmission of timing signals. The system consists of a very small Encoder (for the transmission of data) which can be connected to any gate, photocell or device with a normally open contact, and a Decoder (receiving device). Start, intermediate and finish times are accurate to +/-0.4 thousandths of a second and up to 16 passing speeds can be transmitted from the same number of timing zones. Timing data is sent to handheld receivers with onboard print-out and then on to public display boards via a PC link.

For ski event timing two large buttons on the EncRadio, which can be pressed even with ski gloves on, allow rapid setting of the competitor number on the display. The system will thus transmit to the receiving stopwatch not only the event taken, but also the bib number to assign it to. Additionally the Microgate LinkGate can be used in combination with their Racetime2 and REI2 stopwatches and also allows remote control of the µTAB alphanumeric display boards and the µGRAPH graphic display boards.

Microgate has a technological and commercial partnership with Lynx System Developers, Inc, enabling the LinkGate to be used with the FinishLynx photofinish system. To meet the various requirements of the world of timing, Microgate has created three families of LinkGate products, all of which have an LPRS embedded radio module.

DecRadio MF and EncRadio MF (multi-frequency) offer 10 or 500 mW versions providing a range of up to 9 km (500 Mw version) allowing it to be used in many different sporting disciplines. The system makes it possible to vary the operating radio frequency.

DecRadio SF and EncRadio SF (single frequency) also have 10 or 500 mW versions with a range of up to 9 km (in the 500 Mw version). The radio frequency used for operation is fixed. EncRadio SF is also installed in the Microgate’s Polifemo-Radio SF photocells.

DecRadio Light is a10 mW system with a range of about 400 metres. It is an ideal instrument for training in team sports and light athletics, etc. The EncRadio-Light transmitter is embedded only in the Polifemo-Radio-Light photocells.