ADI today announced the industry’s fastest 16-bit ADC (analog-to-digital converter) - at 250 MSPS (mega samples per second.) The AD9467 16-bit, 250 MSPS ADC provides a new level of signal processing performance for communications, test and measurement and defense electronics applications. The AD9467 features a high SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) of up to 100 dBFs (90 dBFs up to 300 MHz) and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) performance of 76.4 dBFS.

The converter is effective for, radar systems, spectrum analyzers and multi-carrier, multi-mode receiver designs for wireless infrastructure equipment that are defined by high resolution and throughput. The device’s SFDR performance and 60-femtosecond rms (root mean square) jitter allow engineers to increase system performance even as they reduce the size of their equipment. Download data sheet or order samples.

Key features and benefits of the AD9467 include: * 16-bit resolution with high signal bandwidths up to 300 MHz enables advanced signal acquisition subsystems in common radio platforms, radar systems and spectrum analysis.

* On-chip IF (intermediate frequency) sampling circuit and buffered analog inputs optimize the AD9467 for the highest ENOB (effective number of bits) and ease of use.

* High dynamic range over broad signal bandwidth enables software-defined radios for use with multiple standards, such as LTE/W-CDMA, MC-GSM (class 1) and CDMA.

* Programmable full-scale input range allows trade-off between SNR and SFDR enabling the design of more sensitive radar systems with the ability to acquire and track smaller targets with better accuracy.

As part of a complete signal chain, the AD9467 can be used with the AD9523/24 low-jitter clock generators and the ADL5562 3.3 GHz ultralow distortion RF/IF differential amplifier to provide a data conversion signal chain solution. View a webcast: Designing with Switching Regulators in High-Speed A/D Converter Applications.