Available from Richardson Electronics, the 550L Series UBCTM (Ultra-Broadband) Capacitor from American Technical Ceramics (ATC) provides reliable and repeatable Ultra-Broadband performance from 16 kHz to over 40 GHz. Desired features include:

•Defense/Aerospace Extended Operating Temp. Range (-55ºC to +125ºC)

•One-piece, Orientation-Insensitive Package (Rugged Ceramic Construction)

•Ultra-low Insertion Loss (
•Flat Frequency Response

•Excellent Return Loss (see datasheet)

•RoHS Compliant Terminations (Gold-plated or Tin-plated available.)

This 100nF capacitor is ideal for DC Blocking, Coupling, and Feedback applications requiring Ultra-Broadband performance. The applications include Receive and Transmit Optical Subassembly (ROSA/TOSA) circuits, trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) designs, optoelectronic high-speed data circuits (such as SONET), and broadband test equipment.