Mil-Con’s ruggedized gooseneck adapter enhances an antenna’s receiving performance when mounted to a manpack or a body-worn hand-held radio. The gooseneck flexes to permit vertical orientation of a GPS antenna when a manpack radio is laid flat on a horizontal surface. It also positions the GPS antenna away from the body of a hand-held radio worn in a sling or by belt-clip.

Positioning the antenna away from the radio can improve decoupling of noise fields at the top of the radio, such as from data port connectors. The gooseneck adapter jack was designed to work with the interface sealing features incorporated in Mil-Con’s Rugged “Spin-On” SMA connectors; as used in 02549 L1 GPS and other antennas.

Features to note:

•Sealed to 1 meter of water depth in unmated or mated condition

•Flexes in any direction

•Does not spring back from flexed position ±75°

•Black, weather-resistant covering on crush-resistant metal gooseneck

•Black exposed metal parts.

Mil-Con’s Ruggedized Gooseneck Adapter is ideal for: manpack radios and hand-held radios worn in a sling or belt-clip.