Tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) represent one of the best values for improved base station performance for service providers. Balancing the system link budget equation can now be easily accomplished at nominal cost. The tower mounted amplifier holds an almost unique spot in the base station RF hardware chain. It can be a portion of a complete system from the outset of an installation or they can be added later as needed.

There are new hardware technologies; however, namely remote radio heads, which will represent a threat to TMA market growth.

This report details tower mounted amplifier revenue and shipments by air interface, frequency and configuration. Total revenue, shipments and ASP trends are presented for the period 2010-2015. In addition, the study reports vendor market share for 2010 and standalone vs. system-based tower mounted revenue as well as AISG vs. proprietary monitoring for the years 2010 and 2015.

What Questions Does This Report Answer?

•How can the base station link budget be balanced economically?

•Who uses tower mounted amplifiers?

•What are the long term pricing trends for tower mounted amplifiers?

•How will remote radio heads affect the tower mounted amplifier market place?

Who Needs This Report?

•Base station manufacturers

•Service providers

•RF semiconductor device manufacturers

•RF filter manufacturers

•RF connector manufacturers