SALT LAKE CITY, /PRNewswire/ -- ActiveCare Inc. announces the availability of a new line of services that provide aging individuals and their caregivers many conveniences similar to those offered by in-home care or assisted living, only at the touch of a button and at a fraction of the cost. ActiveCare's services are provided through the innovative ActiveOne PAL (Personal Assistance Link) handset.  The handset, also a cellular telephone, has one-button service where, when activated, a live operator greets each caller by name, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ActiveCare services range from GPS location and fall detection, by the built-in accelerometer, to turn-by-turn directions and simple phone connections. Users can also receive daily activity and medication reminders wherever they are, whether it’s at home or on the go. Features of the ActiveCare CareCenter line of services include:

•One Button CareSpecialist – The ActiveCare CareCenter maintains general health records on all members and recognizes member special needs. Reminder or check-in calls can be scheduled to keep seniors on track with daily activities, meals or medicines while providing reassurance to caregivers.

•GPS location identification – The ActiveCare PAL handset's built-in Global Positioning System knows member locations at all times. When connected to the CareCenter, users can get turn-by-turn directions, roadside assistance or location identification to provide for a loved one, caregiver or emergency services, if needed.

•Fall Detection – The ActiveCare PAL handset's built-in accelerometer notifies the CareCenter when it detects a fall. An ActiveCare CareSpecialist communicates with the member to identify proper next steps, ranging from false alarms or minor stumbles to necessary emergency services.

•Phone Book and Call Transfer – The ActiveCare CareSpecialists keep member's phone books on file for anytime access. A user simply pushes a button, is greeted by name and can be connected to their grandchild, doctor, friend or relative. Members can also be connected to their local pharmacy, transportation service, restaurant or any place of business or person they choose.

•GPS "virtual fence" – For memory-impaired members, caregivers can establish a virtual fence, ranging from a few blocks to a few miles, around a certain zone. Should the member go beyond the established zone, caregivers or contacts are alerted by a CareSpecialist for more information.

•Emergency Services – The CareSpecialists at the ActiveCare CareCenter are trained in the same manner as emergency 911 medical dispatchers and can stay on the line with callers while they wait for help to arrive. Additionally, with the on-file knowledge the CareCenter keeps on each member, CareSpecialists are easily able to provide medical history, conditions and/or medication information to emergency services, speeding care and reducing time.