HERMOSA BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- While children embrace carefree days, the summer months are a nervous time for parents worried about their children's safety and whereabouts.

All parents hope to avoid the sinking feeling of turning around and not immediately being able to locate their child in a crowd. Whether you are planning a family road-trip to the coast for a few days of sand and sun at a popular beach destination or staying closer to home and preparing to visit a local museum or roller coaster and water park, parents can now rent a new device from SecuraTrac to ensure their peace-of-mind during family outings.

SecurePAL is a GPS tracking device that parents can rent for each of their children. The SecuraPAL is a small Personal Automated Locator that can be placed in a child's pocket or attached to a belt that parents can use to locate their children should they go missing in a crowd. The SecuraPAL also has an SOS feature where children can push a button to send a text and/or email alert to their parent should they feel endangered at any time.

When the SOS button is pushed the parent receives a message in about 10 seconds with the child's exact location and directions on how to get there.

Additionally, parents can have SecuraTrac customize their rented SecuraPAL for their particular destination or trip where SecuraTrac will setup each SecuraPAL with pre-set SecuraFences, a virtual boundary, to further enhance a child's safety and parents' ability to relax on vacation.

Parents can choose to have SecuraFences established around their hotel, an amusement park, museum or any other destination. If a child enters or leaves this virtual boundary or SecuraFence, an alert would be sent via text or email to notify the parent.

Parents can also rent a SecuraPAL for international travel with their children.