Opal Kelly, a leading producer of powerful USB-based FPGA modules that provide essential device-to-computer interconnect, today announced the "Logic Analyzer in a Day" Experts’ Challenge, using an Opal Kelly module and its integrated FrontPanel Software Development Kit (SDK).

  This program is designed to showcase both the capabilities of the Opal Kelly experts and how quickly a significant project can be implemented using Opal Kelly modules and software. The results of the “Logic Analyzer in a Day” Challenge will be announced over the coming weeks and the code will be freely available on the Opal Kelly website.

  The Logic Analyzer in a Day Challenge, the first in a series of Experts’ design projects, asks Opal Kelly experts to create a useful logic analyzer built using an Opal Kelly XEM3005 or XEM3010 module with FrontPanel software and API. The Challenge “rules” are flexible to allow the experts to use familiar tools and creative approaches:

•Spend no more than one workday (approx. 8 to 10 hours) on the project

•Design using an Opal Kelly XEM3005 or XEM3010 module and corresponding breakout board

•HDL must be open-sourced after the challenge

•Software may be any language/platform as long as the source code, or similar, is available for free

•Typical logic analyzer features are provided as a guideline, but no firm specification is provided

Two Opal Kelly experts - Rainer Malzbender and Kevin Smith - both experienced digital design engineers with expertise in HDL, FPGA, and software design, have accepted the challenge.

Rainer has been an engineering consultant for more than 20 years and is expert in working with displays and image processing. He has developed for Opal Kelly XEM3050, XEM3010, and XEM3001 modules.

   Kevin Smith has more than 12 years experience as a digital design engineer and system architect. He uses Opal Kelly modules as mini-platforms for data capture, emulation, and testing.

  “We asked our experts to take this challenge to demonstrate their talent in engineering design while showcasing the benefit of using the Opal Kelly solution,” said Jake Janovetz, president of Opal Kelly.  “We’re looking forward to seeing the design results and to providing these free logic analyzer programs to our full range of customers, which they can use as a basis for their own design projects.”

  For more information about the Opal Kelly Experts Program, please visit: