Many people will be looking for ways to go green on Earth Day, but most aren’t aware of options for going green with their wireless products. PlatinumTel, a nationwide prepaid provider that operates on a 3G Network that reaches 280 million people, is doing its part to reduce waste with refurbished phones and products, local sourcing, online manuals and more. Highlights include:

70% of all PlatinumTel phones are refurbished, which means that the products would have otherwise been discarded or shipped to landfills overseas, negatively affecting the environment. Refurbished phones include the Samsung M620, Sanyo 3100, Motorola V3m (RAZr), LG Lotus, Samsung M520, and more.

•Phone accessories are also reconditioned.

•PlatinumTel has multiple sources and vendors to procure devices, which must meet two goals in the process: keeping the cost to the consumer low and offering handsets that would otherwise be discarded, negatively affecting the environment.

•Most of PlatinumTel’s parts are sourced from local vendors, cutting down on travel and fuel use.

•Parts are reused whenever possible.

•PlatinumTel provides a short and concise “Quick Start Guide” rather than a large paper manual for consumers with new phones. PlatinumTel advises consumers to go online for the full manual, thus saving paper which would have been printed and likely ignored and discarded.