Cees Links, the leader of the Dutch AT&T/Lucent group that created and introduced Wi-Fi to the world over a decade ago, will be at NAB* to discuss the next big thing — the third home wireless wireless network. Ultra low power and green, this third wireless network — based on ZigBee RF4CE, joins Wi-Fi and cordless phones as the third wireless network for home use.

Designed to reduce or eliminate the need for home power wiring and batteries, this third wireless network will be rolling out this year in many new TV sets, set top boxes and remote controls.

ZigBee RF4CE (Radio Frequency For Consumer Electronics) was originally developed by Panasonic, Phillips, Sony and Samsung and will replace the old infrared remotes that we all grew up with. No longer will you have to aim your remote at your TV, set top box or home theatre controller to change stations, setting up record and play on your DVR, raise or lower volume, etc. As radio goes through cabinets, walls and floors, you can hide the set top box away and control your entertainment system from anywhere in your home.

ZigBee RF4CE provides two way communication and supports interactivity. The new RF4CE remotes can support a view screen so that you don't have to watch the TV screen to see what you are adjusting - you can monitor the changes on the remote's viewscreen.

As these are ultra low power systems, you won't need to change batteries every few months. The batteries will last for the life of the product - up to ten years or more. Not only does this mean you no longer have to change or recharge batteries, remotes will no longer have those annoying battery compartment doors which always break and fall off.

Here is a cool application supported by RF4CE - "Find Me". How many times have you lost your remote somewhere in hour house? Press the "find me button" on your TV or set top box and your remote will start beeping, playing music, - whatever, making it easy to find!

In addition to remote controls, ZigBee RF4CE can also used for a variety of other smart home and entertainment applications as well. The same remote can also be used to control the home's lighting, heating and air conditioning, security systems, energy use, etc.

Are you interested in talking to Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak? He will be at NAB on Wednesday and Thursday, April 14 and April 15. South Hall, Upper in Booth SU 9313. Right next to the Destination Broadband Pavilion and the big AT&T booth. Find more at GreenPeak Technologies -

Additional information on ZigBee RF4CE can be found at

*The NAB show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 10 – 15th.

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