SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.,/PRNewswire/ -- Proxure, Inc., a leading developer of information backup and synchronization technologies for consumers and small/medium businesses, has expanded its KeepVault online backup offerings with the introduction of a new software solution called KeepVault Key targeted toward manufacturers of USB, SD®, xD™, CompactFlash™, and Memory Stick™-type flash memory cards.

When pre-installed on one of these devices, KeepVault Key will automatically backup the device's content to a KeepVault online storage account when the device is connected to a PC, keeping the user's digital pictures, music, videos, and documents protected from accidental loss.

KeepVault Key can be configured to sync selected files from the USB keychain or flash memory card to the PC or online services, such as Facebook and Flickr, eliminating the need to upload content manually and ensuring the timely sharing of information with friends and family.

With 128-bit AES encryption, KeepVault Key ensures users their data is safe during transmission to and while stored on KeepVault servers.

KeepVault Key comes along at a critical time, as memory device makers are struggling to add value to their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition. KeepVault stands out from other online backup solutions by allowing users to back up multiple computers to a single online storage account, saving consumers and businesses time and money, as well as providing centralized online storage and sync options.

KeepVault online storage accounts range in size from 40GB to several Terabytes and can be easily expanded. KeepVault works up to 3X faster than other online storage providers. Its servers do not throttle bandwidth, as can be the case with other providers.

Additionally, KeepVault Key provides an opportunity for memory manufacturers to benefit from the high demand for online backup and insert their memory devices into the online eco-system. KeepVault Key provides recurring revenue-sharing opportunities for memory device manufacturers that deploy the application on their memory devices.

KeepVault Key is currently available for technology demonstration and licensing. Interested parties may send an email to