NEW YORK, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Arcadian Networks has launched the AE20r, a second generation router/gateway that integrates a multitude of technologies with numerous applications and devices.

The AE20r allows utilities to gather real-time information from virtually any converged platform, empowering utilities to manage and monitor assets and to generate smart grid efficiencies.

This newest device from Arcadian Networks is a second generation router/gateway that builds on the tradition of Arcadian's Gateway products, but adds the ability to link with WiMax. By combining Arcadian's licensed 700 MHz spectrum with an interface to WiMAX, utilities can now leverage the wide-scale coverage, security, and reliability of the licensed spectrum with the increased capacity and redundancy provided by WiMAX.

In addition, these latest benefits complement the connectivity and coverage solutions already provided by Arcadian's Gateway series: the cost-effective, seamless connectivity between the utility's high value endpoints with the utility's hard to reach, high volume deployments.

The multiple AE20r interfaces are capable of supporting:

• Arcadian 700 MHz
• WiMAX (802.16e, 802.16d)
• Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
• Serial, USB, Ethernet
• 900 MHz (ISM and MAS) industrial radio