SANTA ANA, Calif., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SRS Labs has announced that Texas Instruments (TI) has adopted SRS WOW HD™ as a standard embedded feature across the company's miniDSP-based stereo audio codec product line for low-power mobile phones and personal media devices.

SRS WOW HD significantly expands the dynamic audio performance of compressed audio over small speakers and headphones. With this turnkey solution, customers using TI's audio codecs, such as the TLV320AIC3254, can easily integrate advanced features to differentiate their products.

"SRS WOW HD effectively optimizes heavily compressed files to provide immersive 3D audio, improved bass, greater high-frequency clarity and elevated sound," said Joanna Skrdlant, Senior Director of Global Platform Partnerships for SRS Labs.

"Combining this technology with TI's industry-leading audio codecs provides an extraordinary audio experience for mobile phones' small speakers and headphones which can be difficult or near impossible to achieve without SRS WOW HD."

Key features/benefits to product makers:
•Low-power 1.8-V codec combines integrated power management and dual miniDSP audio processing engines;
•Programmable miniDSP audio processing engine allows users to implement audio enhancements on the device while freeing MIPS on the primary processor;
•Includes leading SRS stereo and bass enhancements to differentiate products, reduce engineering cost and component count and reach the market faster.

"SRS Labs is a proven developer of audio processing software for mobile devices. With SRS Labs' software in TI's PurePath Studio, our customers can design, configure and load their applications into the very low power miniDSP in an intuitive, drag-and-drop environment," said Luca Cacioli, Portable Audio Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments.

"This type of advanced design tool eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming development, integration and test and lets designers add premium audio technologies quickly."