LAS VEGAS, /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NETGEAR®, Inc. announced the launch of NETGEAR Push2TV™ (PTV1000), a small device that enables consumers to display their entire laptop computer screens on their big screen HDTVs — wirelessly, effortlessly and intuitively.

Compatible with select laptops featuring Intel® Wireless Display and powered by the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ Processor Family, Push2TV ( transforms the living room HDTV into a huge, remote monitor without the need for any unsightly cables stretching across the room.

Slightly larger than a deck of cards, Push2TV enables consumers to wirelessly beam practically everything from their notebook computer to the big screen TV, including media stored on the laptop, content from the home network, and videos streamed from the most popular websites.

The capabilities of the new NETGEAR Push2TV and laptops with Intel® Wireless Display powered by select 2010 IntelCore processors were demonstrated as part of Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini's keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Later this month, Best Buy® will be the first retailer to make this new networking solution available to consumers with the launch of an exclusive Blue Label™ 2.0 series consisting of three laptop computers developed in partnership with top PC OEM brands.

"Our customers are increasingly dependent on their laptops, and they tell us they're looking for easy ways to migrate the content of their computers to their TVs more freely," said Jason Bonfig, vice president of computing at Best Buy. "NETGEAR Push2TV is unique in how it seamlessly scales the viewing and browsing experience of the notebook PC to the TV along with an easy, intuitive way to connect and operate."

The industry has taken several approaches to connect the TV to the Internet: network-enabled TVs and Blu-ray™ players; Digital Media Adapters (DMAs) and set-top boxes that connect to the Internet via the home network; dedicated home theater PCs or notebooks connected to the TV via HDMI or other cables; and other PC-to-TV applications. However, these solutions have multiple limitations, such as the websites they can access and the video codecs and file formats that they can play.

"Consumers have been frustrated by the existing solutions so we focused on ease of use during the design and collaboration process with NETGEAR," said Erik Reid, director mobile marketing, Intel. "The result is that Intel® Wireless Display, available on select laptops featuring Intel's all new 2010 Core family processors, and the NETGEAR Push2TV adapter have taken the hassle out of sharing content, so consumers can sit back, relax and enjoy the content on their large screen TVs."

The NETGEAR Push2TV adapter combined with Intel® Wireless Display is a very simple extension of the browsing and viewing experience on the PC, significantly reducing the website restrictions that consumers currently experience with competing solutions. Consumers will be able to access the vast majority of the content on their computer or from the Internet and view it on their TV.

Connecting a laptop to Push2TV is as simple as point and click. The easy and intuitive interface enables a protected connection and hides all the networking complexity found in currently available solutions. Thus, the consumer benefits from a fully integrated PC-to-TV solution without having to plug any external components or dongles into their new notebook computer, becoming a networking expert, or learning any new user interface.