For applications requiring ultra-low power consumption, Micro Crystal has introduced a SMD package real time clock (RTC) that typically draws just 130 nA @ 3.0V. The RV-2123-C2 is ideal for compact portable devices, especially where a super capacitor is used for backup supply operation. Its ultra-wide 1.1 V to 5.5 V operating range provides added flexibility. Communications with other circuitry is simplified by an SPI-Bus® (SCL up to 8 MHz @ 5.0V).

  The SON 10 pin ceramic package contains a built-in 32.768 kHz Tuning Fork crystal, matched with a CMOS-based oscillator and real-time-clock circuitry. At room temperature, frequency and time keeping is within +/-10ppm or within +/- 20ppm @ 25°C. A user-programmable Frequency Offset Compensation Register can be used to improve time accuracy. Aging rate is at a maximum of 3ppm for the first year.

  The clock function tracks minutes and seconds, either in 24-hour or in 12-hour AM/PM formats. Programmable alarm setting and universal timer functions further increase flexibility. A calendar function provides year, month, date, and day-of-the-week, with built-in century and leap-year flags.

  Moreover, the RV-2123-C2 offers open-drain interrupt and programmable Clock Output for peripherals devices (32.768 kHz down to 1 Hz).

  Because it is entirely self-contained, the RV-2123-C2 is a simple solution that can save engineering, procurement and inventory costs. External dimensions of the standard ceramic package are 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.2 max. mm. Like all Micro Crystal products, it is RoHS compliant and 100% lead free.

Potential applications include: battery powered handheld devices, portable point of sales terminals, GPS, digital still cameras, glucose meters, security systems, appliances, factory automation, programmable logic control and data loggers. SPI-Bus is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.

Full specifications are available in an on-line datasheet and Application Manual.