BEIJING-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Imagine a self-healing electrical grid that is as intelligent and interactive as the Internet. Governments, service providers and system and component suppliers are collaborating to create such a robust grid by developing and implementing smart meter solutions for residential buildings. To help advance innovation for the worldwide grid, Freescale Semiconductor is demonstrating its latest smart metering platform solutions at the MeteringChina Conference and Exhibition, May 26-28.

Freescale's demonstrations at booth 404 highlight a wide range of smart metering technologies, such as cost-effective single-phase metering, automated meter reading (AMR) over power line modems (PLM), and wireless AMR solutions based on ZigBee Smart Energy technology. Target metering applications for Freescale's product portfolios include energy consumption measurement for electricity, air and liquid flow for gas, water and heat meters, user interfaces, last-mile communications through power line modems, and energy gateways for home area networking.

"Smart meters with embedded controllers and connectivity are enabling a smarter and more efficient grid that encourages energy conservation," said Bruno Baylac, director of industrial segment marketing for Freescale. "Advanced metering technology, from highly integrated microcontrollers to wireless devices and sensors, is readily available today. Governments are rapidly implementing policies and programs to speed the deployment of smart metering systems in homes and offices worldwide."

Gartner forecasts that the smart meter industry could represent up to $2 billion (USD) in business for semiconductor suppliers between 2007 and 2012. According to the analyst firm, about 150 million meters are expected to be installed over the next five years, half of them in North America. (Source: "Dataquest Insight: Smart Meters for Intelligent Grids to Drive Semiconductor Growth")

U.S. President Barack Obama's $43 billion (USD) energy sector stimulus package includes $4.5 billion for intelligent grid projects such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The plan calls for the installation of smart meters in every U.S. home, up to 40 million meters. Smart meters provide an economical way to measure energy consumption, base real-time pricing on demand and minimize energy consumption during peak loads, reducing the need to build additional generation capacity.

Freescale and arivus GmbH (partner of iAd GmbH) have developed OFDM power line communications (PLC) modem solutions designed for building control applications, such as AMR and energy management and lighting. The two companies have demonstrated an advanced AMR solution based on arivus PLC technology and next-generation Freescale MCU technology. Freescale offers a video demonstration of this AMR system based on OFDM PLM technology.

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