GAINESVILLE, Fla.,/PRNewswire/ -- While not many people are in the market for a new home these days due to the sliding economy, the ones who are want quality, and to some, that includes a home theater.

In addition to all the bedrooms and bathrooms necessary to house everyone, media rooms have become a hit. The trend started back in the 1980's with the introduction of laser discs, VCRs, and home projectors and since, the business in home theater installation has been booming.

The newest craze in home theater installation is HDTVs, especially since they have dropped in price and increased in quality in recent years. While many people purchased HDTVs when they were brand new, those who had the patience to wait are getting a better deal. Whether you want a 50 inch plasma screen or a 60 inch LCD, you can expect a viewing experience that has increased 10 fold over the past 15 years.

The next thing homeowners are looking for is comfortable seating. With satellite and cable providers offering movies and television shows on demand, many families are finding going to the theater inefficient, inconvenient, and expensive. While theater-style seats aren't cheap, most who invest in them say that they are definitely worth the extra cost. Comfortable modular furniture that can be re-arranged is also great for homeowners who often have varying numbers of guests.

A home theater is never complete without a good sound system. Surround sound systems came out years ago, but with recent advances in technology, consumers are able to experience their films, video games, and music in a way they were never able to before.

Since most electronics these days come with their own remote control, having so many around can be both confusing and create a lot of clutter. But, we're not talking about just any universal remote, but one that can adjust anything in the room, from the lights to the television to the sound system and beyond.

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