Savvy marketers in China and throughout Asia are employing a revolutionary new technology from MyClick that allows consumers to access exciting promotional opportunities and discounts simply by taking aim and shooting with their mobile device cameras. MyClick’s new mobile device marketing platform, which is based on image recognition technology, is already being used by major brands like Pizza Hut to reach consumers with cutting-edge promotions.

Justin Tsang, Executive Director of MyClick Media Limited, "Studies show that there are now four times as many mobile devices as PCs in use, and more mobile users are accessing the Internet via these devices everyday with 1.3 billion expected worldwide by the end of 2008. MyClick’s unique image recognition technology is a boon for any marketer or brand that wants to reach consumers who are always on the go and who demand one-click interaction to participate."

MyClick gives consumers immediate, one-click access to the mobile Internet and a host of unique image matching mobile advertising solutions. Consumers just use their mobile device cameras to click on a MyClick-enabled advertisement, logo or even the product object itself to instantly get rewards and messages interactively from advertisers.

MyClick recently created Pizza Hut’s first consumer promotion for 2008 with the "Snap for Rewards" campaign. Launched in conjunction with the Chinese New year, the promotion allowed customers to use their cell phones to take snapshots of MyClick enabled images printed on Pizza Hut promotional materials to win discounts and prizes.

The MyClick platform can be integrated into any advertising medium: Outdoor, TV, radio, internet and print. MyClick eliminates consumer confusion and provides maximum efficiency and significant cost savings for advertisers.

Users download the MyClick application to their phones over the air or via the MyClick website. When they see an advertisement containing a MyClick frame, they activate their MyClick application and photograph the MyClick frame. If the software detects that the phone is not equipped with a camera, it prompts the user for an alpha-numeric code instead.

The captured photo image is compared against the server version. If there’s a match, MyClick directs the phone to the relevant WAP content. MyClick provides instant access to infotainment and m-commerce upon demand and at no extra cost to users.