The electronica automotive conference 2008 will be an international gathering of automobile manufacturers and associated companies to discuss current issues related to automotive design.

Automotive is considered to be the most important growth market represented at electronica 2008 because of the extensive safety and consumer electronic systems being integrated into worldwide automobiles. ZVEI predicts approximately 7% growth in 2008. This focus area will have particular interest to US, Italian and French auto manufacturers.

The first day of the conference will primarily feature automobile industry upper management experts, suppliers and system suppliers. The program for the second day focuses on the needs of technical management experts. Topics will include the expectation of innovative automobile systems to further improve environmental protection, long-term reliability/reparability and high mileage/energy efficiency.

The demands for automobile security, convenience and reducing the emission of harmful substances are only possible through the use of electronics. According to Décision, 2007, automotive electronics growth rate between 2006 and 2011 will average 6.1%. The 2011 global market is forecast to be $180B.

According to ZVEI, semiconductor electronics is expected to grow at 11.9% per year, expanding from $19.1B in 2006 to $33.5B in 2011.

The automotive conference will take place on November 10 and 11, 2008 at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). The organizer of the electronica automotive conference is Munich Trade Fair with electronica 2008, with support from Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI - German Central Association of Electrical Engineering) and the Electronics Industry. The conference language on both days will be English.

Lennart Lundh, Director of Strategy and Concept Design, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volvo Car Corporation will show the development of architecture in the environment of various brands in his presentation "Architecture solution vs. company business eco-system".

Gerhard Mertes, Managing Director, Delphi Electrical/Electronic Distribution Systems, Europe will cover the topic "Wiring Harness" and will highlight the trends and challenges faced by the cable industry. In addition, he will present strategies to reconcile regional cost structures and customer requirements.

In his presentation "LCD Displays — Nowadays and in the Future. Commercial and Technical Challenges for Users and Manufacturers" Maximilian Huber, President, Sharp Microelectronics Europe will show the economic and technical challenges from the point of view of a leading global display manufacturer.