Help is on the way for commuters who get stuck in Chicago¹s third worst traffic jams in the nation. To recover some of those lost hours, the TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic map, which delivers real-time traffic conditions anytime and anywhere, is now available in the Chicago area.

TrafficGauge is the first and only dedicated mobile traffic map covering the Chicago area region. The always-on LCD map gives drivers an overview of over 600 miles in Chicago and surrounding areas. The handheld, wireless device helps users outsmart traffic right from their drivers’ seats by pinpointing gridlocked areas, enabling drivers to pick an alternate route to save time, stress and gas for under $50.

Congestion in the Chicago area, one of the worst in the country, is on the rise resulting in a formidable cost of $3,968,000,000 or $906 per person per year. The average commuter wastes 32 gallons of fuel per year due to traffic. This means that drivers in the Chicago area waste 141,612,000 gallons of gas per year.

The launch of TrafficGauge won’t reverse this trend, but it will enable drivers to recapture some lost time. Already introduced in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle over the last 5 years, drivers using Traffic Gauge report saving more than nine hours each month by avoiding traffic with the help of the TrafficGauge.

TrafficGauge CEO Ryan Peterson sees TrafficGauge as a time and gas saving tool for Chicago area commuters and "Road Warriors. According to Peterson, "The Chicago area was the next logical market for TrafficGauge. People here are as frustrated as ever with the worsening traffic. The only relief is being more informed than the next guy and taking the best alternative route to save time and stress. We have the right tool to battle Chicago area freeway commutes.

The TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic Map covers major freeways throughout the Chicago area and both international airports, O’Hare, and Midway.

The high-resolution LCD screen also indicates when there are home games for the Cubs, the Bulls, White Sox or Bears, allowing drivers to prepare for slow-moving traffic around sports venues.

A free TrafficGauge for PC download is available to test drive a real-time traffic map on the computer desktop at