MIPS and Sigma Designs, both leaders in products for the digital living room, are announcing that Sigma Designs is licensing the MIPS32® 24K® family of cores for Sigma's next generation SoC designs for home entertainment products.

Sigma chose MIPS Technologies for price, performance and low-power options, and for MIPS' comprehensive ecosystem of software, hardware and tool support.

The companies have been working together since 2003. Today's news represents the most recent licensing announcement between the companies.

Sigma Designs' SoCs power millions of home entertainment products around the world. According to Sigma Designs, a Sigma SoC is inside approximately 75 percent of the world's IPTV set-top boxes, the first media smart HDTVs, six of the leading Blu-ray DVD players, and dozens of digital media adapter products on the market today-markets where MIPS Technologies also holds a strong leadership position.

"In media processor design, satisfying our customers' stringent requirements for area and power efficiency is as critical as achieving superior levels of performance," said Ken Lowe, vice president, strategic marketing, Sigma Designs. "Leveraging the proven MIPS cores allows us to produce cost-effective, innovative designs that result in some of the most exceptional, high-performing SoCs on the market."

"We're delighted to provide Sigma with leading edge solutions that deliver the flexibility and high performance required for cost-sensitive, digital consumer applications," said Brad Holtzinger, vice president of worldwide sales at MIPS Technologies. "We look forward to helping Sigma extend its industry leadership as it brings new generations of ground-breaking products to market." and
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® 24K® family of cores