Tektronix, Inc.’s RFXpress™ is an advanced software package that performs RF/IF/IQ waveform creation and editing of digitally modulated signals for AWG5000 and AWG7000 arbitrary waveform generators. RFXpress provides a user interface that makes creation and management of general purpose digital RF waveforms far more intuitive. It also provides specialized UWB-WiMedia plug-ins and a library of waveforms for thoroughly testing new designs.

Signal generation for stress testing digital RF product designs is a critical step in the development process for modern wireless devices. Historically, this process has

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The RFXpress advanced software package has been greatly simplified by automating many of the repetitive and arcane functions typically found in competing signal generation solutions.
been very complicated often requiring many hours of tedious setup and requiring multiple instruments. With RFXpress software, this has been greatly simplified by automating many of the repetitive and arcane functions typically found in competing signal generation solutions.

"RFXpress is suitable for design and test engineers who need to perform validation and characterization of prototype digital RF wireless communication designs," said Mike Higashi, vice president, Signal Source Product Line, Tektronix. "Instead of needing to create mathematical formulas, the intuitive UI provided by the general-purpose RFXpress application enables efficient use by providing pre-defined, fill-in the blank templates for frequencies, modulation schemes, etc. The additional capabilities provided by the compliance and custom plug-ins assist with performing a wide range of tests reliably and efficiently for the UWB WiMedia standard."

The RFXpress application supports a variety of modulation schemes like QPSK, QAM, GMSK, etc., and also allows engineers to build their own modulation schemes. Furthermore, RF/IF & IQ signals captured on a Tektronix real-time spectrum analyzer or using an oscilloscope can now be modified by simply adding impairments, interference and distortions using RFXpress before they are replayed by an AWG7000 or AWG5000.

For many applications fewer instruments and less complicated setups will be required through the inherent direct synthesis capabilities of the AWG platform combined with RFXpress. For example, the RFXpress WiMedia custom mode plug-in enables engineers to individually configure every part of the WiMedia frame / packet for thorough characterization, limit and stress test of the receiver's PHY layer. With RFXpress and the AWG7000, users can directly generate band hopping signals for UWB-WiMedia Bandgroup 1 and Bandgroup 2 without the need for multiple instruments. Engineers are able to simply recall a setup file that encapsulates all of the relevant standard mandated tests and signal impairments, without the need for any additional external components or mixing required, reducing complexity and cost. AWG setup file deployment can be managed through electronic circulation of files, enabling test systems worldwide to have consistent settings and capabilities and with no external hardware dependencies.