Cadence Design Systems, Inc. has released a complete set of EDA products and capabilities that enable the mainstreaming of System-in-Packaging (SiP) IC design. The Cadence solution addresses the limitations inherent in the current “expert engineering” approach to SiP design by providing an automated, integrated, reliable and

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Here we see both 2D and 3D views of the RF module using the Cadence SiP RF Layout GXL product that is part of the kit.
repeatable process to meet the demand for wireless and consumer products. The new products include the Cadence® Radio Frequency (RF) SiP Methodology Kit, two RF SiP products, Cadence SiP RF architect and Cadence SiP RF layout, three digital SiP products, Cadence SiP digital architect, Cadence digital SI and Cadence SiP digital layout.

SiPs are used extensively in wireless, networking and consumer electronics applications such as cell phones, Bluetooth modules, WLAN modules and network packet switching. According to Semico Research Corporation, the revenue for SiP contract manufacturers will reach $747.9 million by 2007.

The RF SiP kit includes new Cadence SiP RF products and methodologies for automating and accelerating the entire design process of RF SiPs for wireless communications applications. It also provides customer-proven SiP implementation methodologies based on an 802.11 b/g wireless local-area-network (WLAN) design. This enables fast and streamlined adoption of the SiP design technique with low risk.

Cadence SiP solutions seamlessly integrate into Cadence Encounter® for die abstract co-design, Cadence Virtuoso® for RF module design and Cadence Allegro® for package/board co-design for end products that are optimized for size, cost and performance.

”The Cadence RF SiP Methodology Kit addresses key SiP design challenges such as the lack of integrated tools and methodologies for integrated system, IC, package and board design and the inability to simulate, verify and analyze complete SiP designs,” said Charlie Giorgetti, corporate vice president of Product Marketing at Cadence. “With this kit, customers will be able to realize the benefits of SiP quicker and with reduced risk in sharp contrast with previous solutions.”

The Cadence kits are designed to enable users to accelerate the segment-specific product development. They address design challenges in market segments such as wireless, wired networking or consumer applications by combining verified methodologies and flows with IP and demonstrated on a segment representative design and packaged with consulting. By using these kits, engineers can focus their design resources on design differentiation rather than design infrastructure.

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