To support the low cost and high performance requirements of today’s consumer and secure applications, Virage Logic, a pioneer in Silicon Aware IP™ and leading

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The NOVeA architecture.
provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) platforms, introduced its next generation embedded non-volatile product — NOVeA. NOVeA provides a multi-programmable embedded non-volatile memory, which is key in applications requiring sophisticated security and digital rights management (DRM) capabilities such as Flash memory cards, DVD players and recorders, set-top boxes and RFID tags. This next-generation NOVeA product delivers significant area and power reductions to better address advanced consumer and secure applications. Like previous NOVeA releases, this next generation product is available on standard 0.18, 0.15 and 0.13 µ CMOS logic processes, requiring no additional mask or process steps.

At less than 50% the area of previous NOVeA versions, this new offering provides developers of cost-sensitive consumer and secure applications with dramatic area savings. Additionally, the new NOVeA consumes roughly 30% less power than previous NOVeA versions, important in consumer applications and in passive RFID tags, where the read distance is governed by power consumption. With its 100% cell redundancy architecture, NOVeA also provides designers with high yield and reliability.

As the market demands smaller and lower power devices, designers are requiring enabling technologies that can aid them in bringing low cost products to market more quickly, said Rich Wawrzyniak, senior analyst, Semico Research Corporation. "The introduction of the latest NOVeA will help meet designers' current development requirements head-on, while also addressing security and encryption concerns."

"Wireless networking technology for control and status reading applications requires low-cost and low-power solutions. Virage Logic’s next generation NOVeA technology, with its small size and power efficient design, allows us to address our cost and power requirements," said Niels Thybo Johansen, chief technical officer for Zensys.

"Our next generation NOVeA product provides significant area and power savings enabling our customers to deploy more competitive and diverse end-applications," said Jim Ensell, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Virage Logic. " The next generation NOVeA is available today. Pricing varies depending on process node: 180, 130 or 90 nm."