A few years ago design engineers depended on manufacturers for new product information. After all, it’s the manufacturers who develop new products as the electronics industry defines new standards in the wireless industry. Traditionally, the distributor’s role was commodity driven — a place to buy established products based on price, availability or both. Times have changed!

Today, design engineers are not only responsible for selecting and specifying what products they prefer for their design projects, they also play a significant role in dictating the purchase decision. As a result, engineers are turning to distributors as their one-stop-shop for new product information and the quickest place to obtain samples, as well as prototype and small volume quantities at the earliest stages of the design cycle.

The looming question is "Why turn to distribution and not go direct to the manufacturer?" The answer — shorter design cycle time! Engineers don’t have the luxury of researching the myriad of new products from numerous manufacturers’ websites.

Responding to this changing climate, Mouser Electronics’ focus is to provide engineers with the most up-to-date design information, as well as the most rapid introduction of the newest products and the latest technologies available to enable engineers to make the best product selection for their projects.

Comfort levels have changed all around. Suppliers recognize that Mouser can, in fact, introduce the newest technology products faster — supplying samples and small quantities more economically than they themselves can. And engineers realize this new relationship facilitates their ability to make a faster, better informed buying decision. The result is a mutually-beneficial outcome for the supplier, the distributor and the design engineering community.

To further illustrate this scenario, many suppliers require engineers to register on their websites. Engineers prefer anonymity. Mouser’s website allows engineers a portal to view technical product information, stock on hand, as well as access to manufacturers’ websites without registration. The engineer’s comfort level rises and allows him/her to narrow the selection of supplier products, making the decision-making process much easier. Mouser makes it easy for engineers to do business by providing the information they need and the ability to buy in one place, with no minimum orders and same-day shipping.
Broad-line Selection in Stock
Engineers want choices when creating their best new product designs — and the wireless world is in the forefront. Mouser meets customer demand by offering a vast selection of wireless products that allows engineers to choose the solution they need. Decisions regarding long or short range, device servers, ZigBee™, Bluetooth®, IR, RF, frequency range, power consumption and numerous considerations go into new product designs. Mouser provides those choices by stocking thousands of wireless products from the leading manufacturers including Texas Instruments, Silicon Laboratories, ST Micro, Fairchild, Freescale, Vishay, Lantronix, Digi International, NEC/CEL, AeroComm, and many more.
Future Changes
As the role of distribution expands, Mouser will continue to monitor the pulse of the engineering community and respond appropriately. Our goal is to satisfy their needs and fulfill their requirements with improved information resources, broad selection, and rapid new product introduction.