Sun Microsystems Inc. announces a collaboration to enable OpenLaszlo applications to run on devices supporting the JavaÔ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) application. With this move, Sun and Laszlo are actively contributing resources to a new project for the OpenLaszlo community, code-named Orbit.

With more than 3.8 billion Java devices, including 1.2 billion Java technology-powered phones in the world today, Sun has one of the most widely distributed client runtime environments. The Java Platform, Micro Edition is one of the most ubiquitous application platforms for embedded devices in the world. It provides a robust, flexible environment for applications running on a broad range of devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-top boxes and printers.

OpenLaszlo is a widely adopted open source application development platform that uses Ajax-style programming techniques, integrating XML and JavaScriptÔ to create rich and robust online experiences. With this endeavor, Sun and Laszlo will work together to bridge OpenLaszlo’s expressive markup language, LZX, with the power of the Java ME platform.

OpenLaszlo, currently in version 3.3, was designed from its inception to support the instantaneous, no-download deployment of web applications on a diverse set of client runtime environments. Now with further extension to support the Java ME platform, OpenLaszlo will offer a high level of development portability and flexibility across a wide variety of Java technology-based phones and other connected devices.

Support for OpenLaszlo applications further enhances one of the key strengths of the Java platform — the ability to support development environments and authoring tools targeting a broad spectrum of developer skills and preferences.

With the Orbit project, the OpenLaszlo interactive application experience will be available to developers targeting Java ME, without giving up the unique strengths of that runtime.

"The integration of OpenLaszlo and Java ME technology is another important step in the evolution of mobile computing,” said Robert Brewin, CTO of Sun Microsystems’ software group. “This collaboration will bring the richness of the modern web, the power of Java technology and the unique capabilities of OpenLaszlo together for the benefit of our respective developer communities."

"We are pleased to be working with Sun, which is a big step forward in furthering our collective vision of enabling seamless application support for all connected devices," said David Temkin, founder and CTO of Laszlo Systems. "With both companies’ strong commitment to open source and open standards, today’s announcement marks a significant milestone towards those efforts."

In the OpenLaszlo Legals project, the OpenLaszlo architecture is being remodularized into a multi-runtime platform such that the same source program written in OpenLaszlo’s LZX language can be compiled to either Adobe Flash, or to Dynamic HTML (commonly known as Ajax). You can download the current version of OpenLaszlo 3.3.3 from the OpenLaszlo downloads page.