Atmel® Corporation introduces a single-chip RF transceiver family, providing high level performance for ISM band applications. The ATA542x transceiver family is designed for applications in the 315/345/433/868/915 MHz bands. A key feature of this family of chipsets is its notably low current consumption. Another key feature of the chipsets is the incorporation of an image rejection mixer, which allows for the elimination of a SAW filter. The chipset's low-IF architecture design does not require the external IF filter and the low loss integrated TX/RX switch eliminates need for an external switch. This typically allows for a reduction in passive components.

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The ATA542x transceiver family is designed for applications in the 315/345/433/868/915 MHz bands.
The ATA542x devices are a suitable choice for long battery life applications such as automatic meter reading, alarm and security systems, home automation systems and other wireless remote controllers and telemetry systems where low power consumption and very long range are required.

The ATA5423, ATA5425, ATA5428 and ATA5429 are highly integrated UHF ASK/FSK multi-channel half-duplex transceivers. The chipsets are supplied in 7 × 7 mm QFN48 packages. The receive parts are built as fully integrated low-IF receivers, whereas direct PLL modulation with the fractional-N synthesizers are used for FSK transmission and switching of the power amplifiers for ASK transmission.

The ATA542x family has 15 mA to 20 mA in TX and 10 mA in RX. The fully green QFN package and its high integration allow easy and dense implementation. As with the company's other SmartRF transceivers, the output power, +10 dBm, and the sensitivity, typically – 107 dBm/FSK and – 114 dBm/ASK, allow long range communications and excellent sensitivity. Additional features to ease the RF systems development include an SPI port and easy programming, a data rate up to 40 kb/s, a bit-check in receive mode, a 16-byte data buffer in both TX and RX mode, an RSSI and a 4 MHz clock output to feed the companion microcontroller. Reference designs are available on request.

Atmel offers a broad range of integrated circuits for a variety of RF applications in the ISM bands. The product portfolio includes single-channel transmitter ICs, receiver and transceiver ICs, as well as multi-channel transceiver circuits and transmitters with an integrated MARC4 4-bit or AVR® microcontroller. The frequency range spans from 250 to 450 MHz through 868 to 870 MHz, 902 to 928 MHz and 2.4 GHz, thus enabling all kinds of applications in the industrial and consumer area. All Atmel ISM products provide a high integration level and enable easy implementation.