AuthenTec introduces the EntréPad 1510 — a small, powerful, and versatile biometric fingerprint sensor, which combines high level security with a host of touch-powered features and functions for cell phones. The sensor features the company’s "The Power of Touch" approach, which leverages its patented TruePrint technology to enhance the overall consumer electronics experience by extending biometric technology beyond secure user authentication to take full advantage of the power of touch.

Fingertip Technology

The EntréPad 1510 was designed to enable cell phone manufacturers to incorporate new features and functions that are controlled at the touch of a finger. These capabilities include:

• Security — protects important personal or business data, images, and lists from theft or fraud; enables m-commerce and wireless banking.

• Convenience — opens applications or operates functions with the touch of a finger, rather than with passwords or multiple keypad strokes.

• Navigation — includes scroll wheel and full motion navigating that replaces keypads or other devices and enables wireless gaming.

• Personalization — enables personalization of a phone with features such as multi-finger speed dial, individualized buddy lists, and other functions.

Accurate Authentication

The sensor is based on AuthenTec’s patented TruePrint® technology. This technology enables the sensors to read virtually any fingerprint – no matter what the condition. Unlike typical surface-based solutions, TruePrint technology uses an RF approach to look beyond the easily obscured outer surface of the skin into the living layer where the unique ridge and valley patterns of the fingerprint originate. This improves the accuracy and reliability of the sensor and the wireless applications using it.

The sensor is small — 12 × 5 mm — with two thickness options; 1.2 mm or 1.86 mm. The product provides greater than 500 mm per second in all directions. It draws under 0.3 mA for authentication mode and 3.5 mA for full navigation mode, and captures images at greater than 1500 image frames per second. This device is rugged, with scratch and impact resistance, including wear- and rub-resistance in excess of 10 million finger rubs.

The EntréPad 1510 and its software also are supported by a range of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian 6.1 and 8.X, Qualcomm REX, Linux, and others.