You are invited to participate and meet with industry gurus and TI experts, who will conduct demonstrations, interviews, panel discussions, one-on-one sessions and educational briefings throughout the three-day event. Featured technologies include high-performance analog, digital signal processing (DSP) and Digital Light Processing (DLP).

In addition, you will have the opportunity to interact with TI executives and exhibitors prior to the conference. Interviews and briefings are being scheduled now; you are encouraged to register as soon as possible by visiting There is no admission fee for credentialed media members. Conference highlights include:
• A series of keynote presentations, led by COO Richard Templeton, who will kick off the conference by speaking about the increasingly important role of signal processing technology in the modern world.

Keynote presentations include:
• The Future in Real Time, an artificial vision demonstration presented by Dr. James Weiland of the University of Southern California.
• Analog v. Digital Design, a panel debate among industry gurus on questions posed by conference attendees. Participants include John Treichler, founder and CTO of Applied Signal Technology; Alan Oppenheim, professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Paul Hasler, professor, Georgia Institute of Technology; Gene Frantz, Principal Fellow, Texas Instruments; Bill Klein, senior applications engineer, Texas Instruments.
• Demonstration Day, a series of live, cutting-edge product demos in security, video, audio, control and telecom from key innovators such as ATEME, Bioscrypt and Surf.
• Technology Playroom, featuring hands-on experience with the newest technology products and services. Play with an array of starter kits and design boards, and see the newest innovations through end-equipment displays, hands-on workstations, DLP presentations and university demonstrations.
• Ask the Experts - 50+ industry and TI experts will be available to answer questions about specific technologies.
• Nine information-packed tracks - including audio, control, security, telecom, video/imaging, new user, experienced user, university and third party - will highlight the latest innovations and applications in signal processing technology. Each track will feature a series of highly informative sessions and discussions.

Many TI experts will be available for interviews and briefings, including Principal Fellow Gene Frantz; senior applications engineer Bill Klein; COO Richard Templeton; Greg Delagi, VP, Digital Signal Processors; Gregg Lowe, SVP, High Performance Analog.