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This new workshop takes you through all phases of designing a C6000 DSP-based system using eXpressDSPTM tools. Using the C6713 DSK or C6416 DSK platform, you will gain hands-on experience using Code Composer StudioTM to build and debug projects.

What Will You Learn
Most of the following topics include "Hands-on" lab exercises which allow you to practice the techniques and methods discussed in class.

—     Code Composer Studio(tm) (CCS)
—     Basic Memory Management
—     Using the EDMA (Intro to CSL)
—     Hardware Interrupts (HWI)
—     Configure and use the Serial Port (McBSP)
—     Channel Sorting using EDMA
—     Using a Double Buffer
—     DSP/BIOSTM Scheduling (SWI)
—     Advanced Memory Management
—     Integration of eXpressDSPTM Compliant Algorithms
—     Using Reference Frameworks and IOM Device Drivers (RF, IOM)
—     External Memory Interface (EMIF)
—     Creating a stand-alone System (Flash, Boot)
—     Using the Cache
—     Using the HPI