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This new workshop takes you through all phases of designing a C55x DSP-based system using eXpressDSP tools. Using the C5510 DSK platform you will gain hands-on experience using Code Composer Studio(tm) to build and debug projects.

What Will You Learn
—     Use Code Composer Studio(tm)
—     Design a real-time double-buffered, channel sorted system
—     'C5510 Design Starter Kit (DSK)
—     DSP/BIOS Real-Time Operating System(tm)
—     Debugging with Real-Time Analysis
—     Setup peripherals using the Chip Support Library (CSL)
—     Use some of the McBSP serial ports multi-channel features
—     Use the DMA´s auto-initialization feature
—     Use eXpressDSP(tm) Compliant Algorithms in an application
—     Optimize code and memory for the C55x
—     C55x system memory management
—     HEX500 system memory management
—     Use 'C5510 boot loader
—     Program the DSK´s on-board Flash memory