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This workshop is a one-day hands-on technical workshop facilitated by qualified Texas Instruments instructors. It is designed to offer an introduction to TI´s broad range of digital signal processors (DSPs), tools and software.

What Will You Learn
— Evaluation of digital signal processors (TMS320C2000/5000/6000) alongside other solutions
— Introduction to Code Composer StudioTM (CCS), DSP/BIOS TM(real-time O/S) and RTATM (real-time analysis) tools
— Overview of DSP architecture, performance, code generation tools
— How to achieve high performance via the use of DSPLIB, C compiler/optimizer, 3rd party software
— Introduction to TI´s DSP platforms and which applications they support best
— Overview of DSP Starterware and Reference Frameworks (including a demo of RF3)
— Run hands-on labs of simple applications to demonstrate tools features and signal processing concepts