Engineers involved in RF and Microwave, wishing to broaden and enhance their technical knowledge are invited to attend this meeting. The program will start on the Monday with a light buffet lunch available from 12.30pm, to be followed by technical presentations starting in the afternoon at 2.00pm. The society dinner will take place at the hotel in the evening and presentations will continue from 9.00am the following morning and finish in the mid-afternoon.

Preliminary Program:
— Circuit and System Simulation of 3GPP SSPAs. Malcolm Edwards, AWR.
Complex Noise Parameter Measurements Of A Cryogenic Amplifier. Stephen Protheroe, NPL.
— Investigation of Signal and Noise Performance of an Optical Receiver including a P-I-N Photodiode and Distributed Amplifier using a CAD orientated Method. Reza Khalaj Amineh, University of Tehran.
— The RF System for the Diamond Light Source Storage Ring. Mike Dykes, Diamond Project.
— High Power SSPA for Ultra fast sampling Longitudinal Damping System. Pat Moore, Milmega.
     — A review of High Power Transmission Line techniques - Taking Power from A to B safely. Roger Tucker, Link Microtek.
     — Special Considerations for RF and Microwave Amplifiers for Space Applications. Keith Clark, Surrey Satellite Technology.
     — Class 'C' Bi-polar RF Amplifiers for Pulsed Applications, (1030/1090MHz). Iain Mott Raytheon.
     — Two RF Microwave Programs Used in Tandem Streamline the Design of Power Amplifiers. Ivan Boshnakov, Aerial Facilities.
     — Class A High Power Amplifiers and Applications. Tim Hague, EMV.
     — Linearization of amplifiers by Piecewise Linear Predistortion for use in OFDM Transmitters. Kevin Chen, Bristol University.
     — Aspects of the Doherty Topology applied to LDMOS PAs. Chris Potter, P&H Consultants.
     — Amplifiers in EMC Immunity Testing. John Dearing, Schaffner
     — Why measure mixed mode S-parameters of balanced amplifiers. Vinod Malkani, Agilent.      Antenna Noise. Jemeela Quraishi, NPL
     — 3 year NMSPU program. David Adamson, NPL

     The registration fee of £250 includes:
Buffet lunch.
The Society Dinner in the evening.
Overnight accommodation.
Breakfast and buffet lunch on the second day.
Copy of the printed digest.