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WL. Gore & Associates, Inc. is a worldwide leader in producing products designed to be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect. For more than forty years, Gore has pioneered the use of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) to manufacture reliable products that assure our customers innovative solutions to the most challenging industrial applications.


The company began in 1958 when founders Bill and Vieve Gore set out to explore opportunities for fluorocarbon polymers, especially PTFE. Within the first decade alone, Gore wire and cables landed on the moon, operations began in Scotland and Germany, and a venture partnership took root in Japan.

SMT RF grounding pads

That same passion for creativity and challenge continues today. Gore has applied its unique technical capabilities into designing and manufacturing hundreds of diverse products including state-of-the-art, high performance cables, cable assemblies, EMI gaskets, and dielectric materials. Gore takes its reputation for product leadership seriously, continually pushing the limit to develop and deliver new products and better solutions for the marketplaces of the world. Gore's innovative, high performing electronic products are found in demanding applications throughout such industries as Telecommunications, Computing, Electronic Test Equipment, and Defense & Aerospace Electronics.

Innovative Products
Included in Gore's diverse product lines are the GORE-SHIELD® EMI gaskets. Their material consists of a polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) matrix that has been filled with a highly conductive nickel-based particle. They are used as an interface to suppress unwanted electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, particularly in applications where inter-cavity shielding is important or compliance is required with international EMC specifications.

POLARCHIP™ thermal interface materials

The gaskets are available in strip form or custom die-cut shapes, all designed to provide a conformal interface with high shielding effectiveness. In addition, Gore's innovative development of automated technologies have further increased the value of the GORE-SHIELD® solution by greatly lowering the installation costs of EMI/RFI gasketing.

The GORE-SHIELD® SMT RF grounding pads are conductive pads that provide electrical contact points and RF shielding on printed circuit boards. They are used as a low cost, high signal fidelity alternative to electrically connect flat patch antennas to the printed circuit board. The grounding pads conduct currents of a primary RF signal much the same way a connector conducts RF currents from a printed circuit board to a coaxial cable. Compared to metal spring contacts, which are generally used to connect the antenna to the printed circuit board, the GORE-SHIELD® SMT RF grounding pads reduce unwanted signal reflections and can better contain EMI emissions generated by the interconnect.

Figure 4. PREVENT™ enclosure vents

The GORE-SHIELD® SMT RF grounding pads are completely surface mount compatible, including solder reflow. Several parts are offered so that the designer can choose the combination that provides the best fit for the printed circuit board space allowed. All parts are shipped in EIA standard tape and reel, and they are ready for high-speed pick and place equipment.

Gore's POLARCHIP™ thermal interface materials are ideally suited for filling the undesirable air gaps between heat generating devices on printed circuit boards and the heat sinks, heat spreaders, and metal chassis that are used to dissipate the heat. They are particularly effective in applications where the thickness of the gap is large or variable due to irregular surfaces, large tolerance stack-ups, or when contacting multiple devices. In addition, they provide a dramatic improvement over existing gap pads currently on the market because of their level of compressibility and ease of handling.

The materials consist of a fluoropolymer composite that consists of an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) matrix filed with boron nitride (BN) particles. The low elastic modulus of the ePTFE matrix imparts softness, conformability, and excellent compressibility to the composite, while the high thermal conductivity of the BN particles give the composite its good thermal transport characteristics. The reinforcing nature of the ePTFE matrix results in a composite that is physically robust, easy to handle, and does not require additional reinforcements.

Gore's PREVENT™ enclosure vents are comprised of a unique ePTFE membrane structure that allows an enclosure to "breathe" with changing temperature, preventing pressure differentials from building up that can damage seals and gaskets. The vents provide free passage of air or gases, while reliably excluding liquids and particulate contamination. They are available as a snap-in or screw-in assembly or as a membrane adhesive patch for easy installation. PREVENT™ enclosure vents offer a cost effective, higher performance alternative to hermetic sealing in outdoor telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

World-Class Manufacturing Capabilities
Gore provides unparalleled engineering support throughout both the design and manufacturing cycle. This includes EMI modeling and consultation services as well as rapid prototyping capabilities. As customers experience shorter design and product life cycles, Gore views itself as an extension of their design team who can partner to make products faster, cheaper, and better.

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