Sophisticated electronic equipment and systems can fall prey to everything from surges caused by lightning and power transmission to noise pollution. Now, MTL's M15 Series combines 18kA surge protection with RFI filtering in one device to protect your investment in computers, networks and industrial control systems while cleaning up the effects of industrial noise.

The MA15 Series is a compact, DIN-rail mounted surge protection device that also provides RFI filtering with a unique three-stage combination of protection elements:

•Surge clipping components absorb transient surges that might otherwise damage equipment
•A filter to suppress noise in the system
•Ring suppression that prevents surges causing the filter to oscillate under low load conditions

The MA15 Series is ideally suited for protecting panel mounted equipment and typically used in the controls section of a motor control cubicle (MCC). The MA15 series features:

•AC or DC application
•Thermal and short circuit protection
•Optional status indication
•UL 1449 approved