Ericsson Microelectronics has announced high volume production of its ROK 101008 Bluetooth multichip module (MCM) and PBA 31301 Bluetooth radio transceiver. The company is now shipping 500,000 units per month.

The ROK 101008 is a multichip module that needs only the addition of an antenna to function as a complete Bluetooth solution. It is qualified to Bluetooth 1.0b (plus critical errata) for full compliance with the industry standard. Type approved for global use, including FCC and ETSI, this module ensures that the minimum cost and time are expended in gaining end-product type approval. The module enables OEMs to achieve short time-to-market, giving competitive advantage in the race for market share in Bluetooth enabled products. The ROK 101008 is recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a "Blue Unit" for use as a reference in the qualification of other Bluetooth products. It functions as a "Blue Unit" for v 1.0b + critical erratas and the latest v.1.1 qualification.

Designed for point-to-point applications, the ROK 101008 contains a baseband controller, flash memory, and a radio transceiver with Class 2 RF power output. The module comes with basic Bluetooth software for signaling at Host Control Interface (HCI) level and supports a wide range of profiles including generic access, service discovery, dial-up networking, fax, and headset. Generic object exchange profiles include file transfer, object push, and synchronization.

The generic module is aimed at OEMs making mobile products that need to communicate with each other or with stationery systems. Applications include PDAs, notebook PC cards and peripherals, wireless accessories, and mobile phones. The module supports both data and voice transmission with communications to the host controller via high speed UART and PCM interfaces. The maximum data rate over the UART is 460 kb/s. The ROK 101008 can be used for point-to-point operation and simplified application software further reduces time-to-market when the device is to be used in this mode. It features robust performance and operates flawlessly, even in RF-rich environments.

The ROK 101008 measures 33 mmL × 17 mmW × 3 mmH. It works from a nominal 3.3 Vdc supply (max. 5.25 Vdc) with an operating current of 2.5 mA to 3.5 mA, depending on mode, and a standby current of 250 μA (wake-up via UART). It is designed for operation from 0 °C to +75 °C ambient.

The PBA 31301 is a stand alone radio transceiver for customers who prefer to use their own baseband controllers. Its small size and robust performance make it ideal for use in mobile phones or other RF-rich environments.

As a Bluetooth market leader, Ericsson Microelectronics provides a wide range of development tools and in-depth, world-wide technical support.