Electronic Component Solutions for Worldwide RF and Microwave Needs

Teledyne Wireless, located in Mountain View, California, has over 40 years experience as a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of microwave components. We have delivered high quality products for markets including:

Our Product Line Includes
•MMIC Power Amplifiers
•Electromechanical and Coaxial Switches
•Broadband Wireless Assemblies

Broadband Wireless Assemblies
Teledyne Wireless offers custom, advanced design solutions for microwave and millimeterwave radio applications. Our complex assemblies and experience drives our designs and manufacturing strategy compromising the latest CAD tools, standard "building blocks" enabling effective, low cost transmission media, along with automated test and assembly.

Applications include:
•Microwave and Millimeterwave Point-to-Point Radios
•Microwave and Millimeterwave Point-to-Multipoint Radios
•C and Ku-Band VSAT

Engineering Excellence
Although we offer many standard products, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt existing designs to meet unique customer requirements. Our engineering staff has the latest CAD tools and continuously evaluates new technologies, processes, and materials to offer our customers the latest technology available. We are also investing for future growth through the development of advanced millimetric components for the next generation broadband, high-speed satellite and terrestrial telecommunications systems.

Modern Facilities
Teledyne Wireless occupies a 100,000 sq.-ft. building located in Mountain View. The facility contains clean rooms for MIC hybrid assembly, automated assembly and test stations, and environmental test equipment. The manufacturing operations are constantly being examined to streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and reduce costs.

Quality is Number One
Our products meet varied and stringent requirements for their diversified applications. We maintain an ISO 9001 certification and every employee has a strong commitment to quality. This is the benchmark for our reputation as a world class manufacturer of advanced microwave products.

•Switches for All Your Needs
ד,5 and 10 Million Cycles
•Low Cost, Volume Production
ה-Year Warranty
•Stock to 4-Week Delivery

New Switch Products Include:
•CCR-33M Series, 75 Ohm
•CCM-33s10 Series, 10 Million Cycle
•CCRO Series, Low Cost SPDT

Teledyne Wireless
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