A Control Products & Systems Company

As a Control Products & Systems Company, we strive to meet our customers needs by providing greater component and system solutions to their design problems. Our family of interference, power and bandwidth control products is now the broadest line in the industry. These engineering driven products deliver unmatched performance in the high frequencies common in new applications.

In an effort to most effectively satisfy the varied requirements of the many markets we sever, we recently formed the Signal Products Group and the Power Technologies Group. This new structure will allow us to capitalize upon our unique engineering expertise, design and testing capabilities, and flexible manufacturing processes.

Signal Products Group
As a vertically integrated producer of ceramic capacitors and filters, we continue to provide the widest range of discrete EMI filters and filtered connectors. In addition, we have extended our ceramic technology to develop our SPECWAVE line of wireless components.
•Low Pass EMI Filters
•Filtered Terminal Blocks and Filter Plates
•Filtered Connectors
•Datacom Connectors
•Ferrite Connectors
•Ceramic ConnectorsBandpass Filters and Duplexers
•Patch Antenna Elements

Power Technologies Group
Several years ago, we began to apply our fundamental filtering expertise to improve power management. The result is a complete line of power products that ranges from off-the-shelf power components to power distribution units and remote management systems.
•Single Line Filters
•Filtered Terminal Blocks
•Power Entry Modules and Power Line Filters
•Multisection Filters
•Custom Commercial Assemblies
•SMARTstart AC/DC Intelligent Power Distribution Units
•SHARPstart AC/DC Power Distribution Units