A leading designer and supplier of high-performance radio-frequency components

Sirenza Microdevices™, formerly Stanford Microdevices, is a leading designer and supplier of high-performance radio-frequency (RF) components for communications equipment manufacturers. Its products satisfy the demand for innovative solutions to meet expanding requirements for connectivity, mobility, functionality, reliability and bandwidth in advanced communication networks.

SMDI products are designed to meet rapidly evolving performance requirements for mobile wireless applications such as cellular and mobile data networks, broadband wireline applications such as coaxial cable and fiber-optic networks, and fixed wireless applications such as local and wide-area site-to-site networks.

SMDI offers a broad line of products that range in complexity from discrete components to integrated circuits and multicomponent modules. These products are well suited for existing and future communications networks, which are expected to be increasingly centered on data transmission in addition to voice.

SMDI utilizes a fables operating model where the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers is outsourced to several wafer fabrication facilities, or third-party wafer fabs, that use leading-edge process technologies. This approach allows the company to focus internally on its RF design and development expertise and select the optimal process technology for any given application. This fables operating strategy, combined with strong RF design and test expertise, provides the flexibility to deliver a comprehensive line of high-quality products at compelling prices to customers worldwide.

Established in 1992, Sirenza Microdevices today is building upon a broad and deep portfolio of high-performance, industry-standard components by leveraging its current business base for continued strategic growth. Design centers at four locations in the United States and Canada are focusing the company's product design and development resources on key growth segments of the wireless and wireline communications market.

Standard Products
The company's Richardson, Texas design center develops SMDI's core products line of high-performance components for a wide range of wireless and wireline applications. Advanced products being delivered in high volume to original equipment manufacturers include low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, low-current and low-voltage gain block amplifiers, discrete transistors, switches and modulation/demodulation devices.

Wireless Infrastructure Products
In Ottawa, Ontario, Sirenza Microdevices designers are developing a comprehensive new line of integrated circuits and multichip modules (MCMs) that perform vital modulator/demodulator, upconverter and downconverter, and transmitter and receiver functions in a wireless basestation's transceiver section. These products enable the deployment of next-generation, high-bandwidth, high-performance wireless systems.

Broadband Wireline Products
At SMDI's Long Beach, California center, designers are developing a family of microwave-based components for crucial telecommunications and data-communications functions in wireline equipment. Design activity currently centers on transimpedance amplifiers, post amplifiers, laser/VCSEL driver amplifiers and components featuring higher levels of performance and functionality.

Sirenza Microdevices' products employ a number of today's most advanced process technologies to satisfy customers' exacting requirements for high frequency of operation, performance, power and competitive prices. Featured semiconductor technologies include:
•Gallium-arsenide (GaAs) underlies many of the company's successful products, including power amplifiers, switches and broadband, general-purpose gain blocks for a multitude of transmit/receive functions.
•Indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) is used in SMDI's advanced products for wireless broadband wireline communications applications where exceptional linear signal amplification and power efficiency are critical.
•Silicon germanium (SiGe) provides solutions for a range of broadly applicable RF products featuring an exceptional combination of high frequency, performance and price.

Sirenza Microdevices markets, sells and supports its products worldwide through a direct sales force, distributors and private-label reseller. The company is ISO 9001-certified supplier.

SMDI became a publicly traded company on the MASDAQ National Market System under the symbol SMDI on May 25, 2000.

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