COMARCO, Inc., a leading provider of advanced technology tools and engineering services to the wireless communications industry, today announced that it is shipping NeXus™, its advanced integrated voice and data network optimization platform for CDMA2000 1X and CDMA2000 3X systems.

The NeXus™ is a simple, yet flexible solution to the challenges of deploying complex 1X voice and data network technology. Designed to gather all critical CDMA network parameters from a range of handsets, the NeXus™ is the ideal tool for initial network deployment through advanced optimization.

Specifically designed for accelerating deployment of 2.5G and 3G data network technologies, it offers comprehensive IP based service testing, coupled with advanced mobile network data logging and optimization functionality. Supporting simultaneous voice and data network testing, the NeXus™ speeds integrated service deployments, ensuring existing voice service integrity throughout data deployment. Designed with expansion in mind, the NeXus platform spans initial deployment through cluster and full system optimization, delivering a scaleable and cost effective optimization solution from 1x to 3x system deployment.

Supporting a range of automated test scenarios for both voice and data, NeXus permits engineers to evaluate system performance using typical user stimulus while logging and displaying the diagnostic information needed to optimize network performance.

An advanced GUI design incorporates the latest in network visualization technology coupled with intelligent cell site database displays and interrogation facilities, all in real time operation, aiding in the immediate identification of network problems. Designed with evolution in mind, the Nexus is 3X ready and can seamlessly expand to support multiple phone versions, as needs demand, permitting highly cost effective and scaleable deployment.

The tool also provides a wide range of engineering displays for all data analysis applications, including a range of data centric application displays and statistical summaries, associated protocol layer analysis as well as comprehensive RF airlink performance screens.

Nexus logs data from all protocol levels within the logical connection permitting detailed drill down problem analysis. Nexus also collects data on a continuous basis, irrespective of the actual displays being viewed, ensuring that all information is available for advanced post test analysis.