Details about the new Infrastructure Monitoring System-4000 (IMS-4000™) — the first-ever device capable of simultaneously monitoring computer room environments and network devices — are available in a free, full-color brochure from Phonetics, Inc.

The IMS-4000 monitors critical environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, smoke, sound level, motion, water, intrusion, and power outages) in the computer room as well as network IP devices (routers, servers, and hubs). When conditions change or a networked device fails, alarm notifications are issued through a variety of channels, including e-mail or an SNMP trap, real-voice messaging, fax, and to pagers or PDAs. The IMS-4000 is a stand-alone unit that features an integrated modem, internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and a Web server, all of which help safeguard networks and computer equipment from costly downtime.

The six-page brochure includes comprehensive details on the system's monitoring capabilities, capacity and expansion potential, alarm notification, installation, fault tolerance, and data collection. Colorful graphics illustrating the unit's enterprise-wide monitoring capabilities and scalable solution potential are also included.

The IMS-4000 is the first scalable system capable of protecting networks of all sizes and complexities. The product is designed to grow along with the infrastructure, allowing up to 31 IMS nodes for a total of 256 environmental variables, and a total of 2,048 TCP/IP addresses, and power in 32 separate locations. Such scalability allows the IMS-4000 to expand without any additional technology investment.

At the core of the IMS-4000 is a Linux operating system (OS) that provides an extremely stable and flexible foundation. The OS is programmed to continuously generate Web pages, making the most updated monitoring status accessible at all times, from anywhere.

Fault-tolerant, the IMS-4000 has no moving components and nonvolatile storage to eliminate disk disruption. In addition, built into the IMS-4000 is a completely independent battery backup and power supply, so monitoring continues even if any part of the network experiences a power outage.

The IMS-4000's data-logging feature provides full event history and an audit trail so managers can store critical temperature, humidity, or other environmental information, plus detect alarm occurrence. Data logging also tracks user access to infrastructure by the minute, hour, or day.